Recent Work

Work:Become rich in one stroke
Creator: Hung-wen, Cheng

The whole “rich” of Chinese word was written in one stroke. It starts on a dot like falling from the heaven, which expresses “thought” or “spirit”. Then, one stroke from a symbol of human body links downward with the “field” of the Chinese word, which is like the shape of “Tai Chi”. The sweeping downward stroke of ending means the human soul.

Besides the shape of “rich” of Chinese word, the calligrapher would like express his opinion of life that people can connect with infinite abundance of universe through their souls to link higher energy for opening their inner power of peace, joy, and love since the inner power of life can become most abundant source of bringing happiness.

The work of Chinese calligraphy makes a metaphor that the will of God through spiritual insight of human completely exist in the “Tai Chi”, which means that the richness comes naturally under achieving the masculine and feminine elements to be well distributed.

This work of Chinese calligraphy starts on a dot along the circle shape to complete the Chinese word “rich”in one stroke. The Chinese calligrapher would like to satisfy the rich ideal of viewers through his power of calligraphy with one stroke.


Chinese calligrapherHong-Wen, CHENG